Plasma BT

Plasma BT Treatments are an exciting new procedure that has been shortlisted for the prestigious ‘My Face, My Body’ award for ‘Most Innovative Aesthetic Treatment of 2016’

The procedure harnesses the power of Plasma energy and gives our skilled practitioner the opportunity to work with extreme precision when it comes to carrying out carefully targeted treatments on delicate areas of the face to help restore youthful volume, definition and radiance to the skin.

Plasma BT Treatments

One of the most popular Plasma BT Treatments is non surgical blepharoplasty’ which works to reduce the appearance of eye-bags and restore the youthful definition to eyelids. The precisely targeted ‘damaged’ that the Plasma BT Treatment causes to the dermis results in increased collagen and sebum production by the body-two things that we produce less and less of as we get older, contributing to dry, dull skin and more noticeable facial wrinkles.