What is LED Phototherapy?

LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode”. In LEDs, a current is pass through small semi-conductors causing light to be emitted, For skin rejuvenation, light is emitted through specific wavelength bands.

How does LED Phototherapy work?

Certain wavelengths of LED light will induce changes in in skin which will treat certain conditions.

Red Light: The red light wavelength of LED induces a mild inflammation in the targeted skin cells which causes an immune response that aids in regeneration. This can help to rejuvenate skin and also to aid healing of the skin.

Blue Light: The blue light wavelength of LED targets porphyrin (which are the product of P. Acnes, the bacteria associated with acne), producing an oxygen free radical that destroys the bacteria. In acne treatment, the red and blue light are used together, the blue light reducing bacteria counts and the red light aiding healing.

Frequently asked questions

Acne, Skin rejuvenation, To treat inflammation, To aid healing
For skin rejuvenation: The more treatments the patients has, the better the results. Treatments should be weekly to monthly. We recommend incorporating LED into your regular monthly facial plan

For acne: Blue and red light LED should be used twice weekly for 8 weeks and then weekly for 4 weeks and then as part of your monthly facial treatment.