Anti-Wrinkle injectable

Pro Cosmetic Surgery the most qualified cosmetic Doctors and Nurses to fulfil your desire for injectable and Cosmetic treatments We uses the most premium brands of anti-wrinkle injectable and dermal filers to maximize the effect and create a long lasting result.

Anti-Wrinkle injectable is the best method used for the prevention of muscle contraction, which normally cause the formation of lines on the surface of the skin.

Lip Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to enhance naturally thin lips for a fuller and more kissable appearance that can last over 6 months.

Dermal fillers

Fillers and injectable can used to enhance your natural look or completely change your facial profile. Our professional team of doctors and nurses can help you with your needs and provide services that are suited to you and your wants.

Improve the appearance of your cheeks, chin and lips with anti-wrinkle injectable or dermal fillers and delay the signs of ageing.

Double Chin Removal

Contour your jawline and say goodbye to that double chin with our new chi sculpting treatment. We provide Chin Sculpting treatments through TGA approved fat dissolving cosmetic injections. These injections effectively target the affected area to dissolve and eliminate the fat cells.