Non incisional method

The non incisional methods uses a suture thread inserted into the eyelid skin at certain predetermined points to meticulously create a fold.

Suitable for:

  • Eyes without excessive droopy skin
  • If Incisional blepharoplasty makes you uncomfortable
  • Want to minimize downtime and resume normal activities
  • Completely reversible

Partial incisional Method

This technique combines elements of both the non incisional and incisional methods.


  • Excessive fat can be removed while creating beautiful lines
  • Fast recovery time with small incisions, patients can return to normal activities quicker
  • Scars are less visible

Incisional method

This technique is suitable for patients with an excessive amount of fat and skin. Unlike the traditional technique, we have created a special technique to minimize the scarring from surgery by using finer dissolvable sutures.

Suitable for:

  • Eyelids are droopy and saggy
  • If you wish to have a prominent eyelid crease without a chance of ravelling
  • Revision surgery