Special Considerations Are Essential!

We believe that in order to create beautiful, natural-looking breasts in Asian women, the surgeon must give special consideration to implant size and location of the incisions.

Size Considerations

Asian woman is wanting Breast Augmentation to look more attractive and feminine but still natural, she should choose both her implant size and surgeon very carefully. Aim for implants that are in proportion to her overall figure and don’t make her look ‘unnatural’ and obviously fake!

Location of Incisions

Other surgeons, in an attempt to avoid the risks of conspicuous brown scars under the breast in women with Asian or brown skin recommend one of the following alternative techniques:

  1. Peri-Areolar Approach where the incision is made half way around the edge of the areola (the pigmented circle surrounding the nipple)
    This also has its drawbacks in that the incision is usually very small and accordingly only fillable saline orvery small silicone implants can be inserted.  Moreover, you still have the potential of a brown scar around the edge of the areola.
  2. Trans-Axillary Technique
    In our experience, this option is, by far, the technique more preferred by women who wish to avoid a scar under each breast.  The armpit incision is placed within a natural skin crease in the hair-bearing area of the armpit.  Scars in this location tend to be very fine but remember that, here too, they could become pigmented – in which case they would be visible if the arms were raised while wearing a sleeveless top.  For this very reason alone, most of our Asian patients still prefer to locate the scars under their breasts.