Full Face Lift

The most comprehensive facial rejuvenation addresses all area o the face, from the forehead down to the neck. This will provide the most dramatic results, as well as the most long-lasting outcome.

Mini S Lift

This is suited to those with limited amount of excess or sagging skin. The underlying facial tissue is repositioned to provide a more youthful contour. This I common for women in their 40s or younger to correct early signs of ageing and reduce the rate at which the lower part of the face ages in the future. Mini S Lift also corrects early jowl formation. This procedure is less invasive can be done under local anesthetics. The scar is hidden well which make it almost invisible among earlobe.

Neck Lift

This technique reduces excess skin and banded appearance of the neck area. This procedure is also known as ‘platysmaplasty’. In this procedure the neck muscle is removed, tightened and realigned, helping to tighten the neck area.

Brown Lift

It is a surgical procedure that tightens saggy skin by making incisions at the top or bottom of your eyebrows. Brow lift surgery is recommended for those who don’t want to change their double eyelids or create new ones.

Frequently asked questions

Local anesthetic with oral pain relief.
In clinic.
Naturally you may feel ‘woozy’ as the anesthetic wears off. You may feel some soreness, swelling or discomfort, nut this is quite natural. You may also feel tired after surgery, but this and the soreness is normal and will last only a short while.

Immediately after the operation, you will be sitting up and the eyes will have cold packs resting on them to reduce bruising and swelling. Bruising and swelling is expected varies from person to person-it is maximal in the first three days and usually settles over 7-14 days. Ice pack required to placed on the surgical site first 24 hours.
You can expect for the new appearance to emerge after a few months once all swelling ha subsided, with results starting to become apparent after 2-3 weeks, with a good idea of expected results after 3 months. Results can last up to and over 10 years and will vary from person to person depending on lifestyle factors and your own inherent ageing process.
You should feel ready to resume your normal activities after 2 weeks and are asked to refrain from strenuous activities for 4 weeks.
Infection, scarring, allergy, bruising, bleeding, hematoma formation, pain, altered facial sensation, facial asymmetry, facial nerve damage.